Each page (including front and back cover) is scanned at 300 dpi in a JPG or PDF format. We then crop each page to ensure we capture as much of the text and photos as possible. All books are reproduced in an 8x10 format regardless of their original size. Nothing is lost in this process and your reproduction quality is about 80%-90% of the original. We scan in full color (even black and white pages) so your reproduction will look exactly like the original. After scanning, your book is printed on a high grade bright white paper (double-sided) and plastic see-through covers are then inserted front and back. Finally the book is bound with a black plastic comb to hold it together (referred to as GBC Binding). We have also just added hard covers as an alternative to the GBC Binding. These covers add both beauty and added wearability. Samples of these are shown below. The added cost for a hard cover is $15 per book.

In addition to the paper reproductions, CD’s and DVDs are also available. For CD's, each book is contained in a folder on the CD and any page or the entire book can easily printed out. A label is affixed with the ship name and year of the cruise. Normally one book will fit on a CD, but larger books (aircraft carriers) may take up to two CDs (no additional charge). DVD's are strictly for Blu Ray players and no printing can be accomplished. We now also offer either the digital copy or DVD to be placed on a flash drive for an additional fee of $10.00.

There are no restrictions on reproducing CDs/DVDs so you can provide them for family or friends. It is our hope, however, that you will refer others to utilize our service for this process.

Below are some images of a completed book (both with GBC Binding and Hard Cover) . Please contact us if you have other questions regarding the reproduction process.