ALYCIA HAYES of Jacksonville, FL (Jun 2023)

"I received the book today and it is amazing!! I am very pleased with how it turned out. And the speedy service was an added surprise. I was hoping to give it for Father’s Day but was happy to wait as well. Getting this book in the mail today has made my day!!! I cannot wait to give it to my dad! Thank you so much!!!"

VICTORIA STINNETT of Chula Vista, CA (May 2023)

    "I received the hard bound book in about a week! It is so well done! I honestly couldn't believe it! Much better than I could’ve imagined. I’m so glad to have this finally since I was unable to receive the original that I ordered when I was deployed. I’m sharing Frank's work with some coworkers and friends who are also looking for copies of cruise books. Thank you so much Frank!"

BURKS HUNT of Gainesville, FL (Feb 2023)
    "Hi Chief, Cruise book arrived today and thank you so very much! Appreciate all your help and the turnaround time was fantastic."

ARTHUR JONES of Maplewood, NJ (Dec 2022)
    "Although I was away, I received my Cruise Book over the weekend and must say that it bought a comforting smile to my face. 
I anxiously opened the well packaged box with enormous amounts of excitement. Although I thought that it would be more captured memories of the Cruise while out at sea, along with the few ports of call. I am completely satisfied with Your work and service. You've help me recreate the memories of days gone by....over 30yrs ago. I Thank You Mr. Frank Arre. Permission To Continue To Enjoy My Cruise Book?"

SARAH ROACH of Castleberry, AL (Oct 2022)
    "I received my book. Thank you so much for your timely services and such great quality."

RYAN SHAW of Ontario, Canada, (Oct 2022)
     "I found Frank to be knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful in fulfilling my Cruisebook order. Delivery was fast and he worked with me to make sure all the formatting was just the way I needed it. I would recommend Shipmate Memories highly and would use them again."

CLYDE BAKER of Early, TX (Mar 2022)
Hi Frank,

    I received my cruise book yesterday. I was so excited that I opened it in the post office parking lot! It is beautiful!!! This is the first time to see it since 1978. A flood of memories rushed over me and I shed several tears. You got it to me so quickly. I can't say thank you enough!
Needless to say, I love it!!

Bryce Hauch of Gillette, WY (Feb 2022)
Good Afternoon Mr. Arre,

  I would just like to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my cruise books. The quality is excellent! Really brought me back to the Navy days. Keep up the fantastic work!

Bob Canchola of Chicago, IL (Jan 2022)
Good Evening Frank,

You are very welcome. Referring you is the very least that I could do. You certainly could not be more accommodating, and your reproduction of the cruise book, in my humble opinion, is second to none.

As time goes by original cruise books are getting harder, and harder to find. If you can find one the prices that the seller is asking keeps going up. So it is a great service that you provide not only to crew members of those ships, but also the crew member's family members.

Without a doubt I will be sure to contact you in the future.

Thank You!